Eenie Meenie World

Year of production: 2020

Language: English
Techniques : digital 2D animation

Voices: Mathilda Larson, Paulina Larson 
Directors : Johannes Lübke, Bianca Scali

Length: 1 min 50


How many questions and choices do humans leave pending in the hope that they will go away? A lot. Just like us, the universe has to decide. And it has no idea what the best outcome is and what to do with others’ expectations.

Production: Paulina Larson  Art direction: Mike Razniewski, Bianca Scali Technical directing: Johannes Lübke
Editing: Revan Sarikaya
Rough animation: Bianca Scali
Clean animation: Johannes Lübke, Paulina Larson, Yerkezhan Sabitbekova, Bianca Scali 
Sound design: Michael Boetticher, Marc Lehnert Sound mixing: Fabian Klein

This short film was produced at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg